Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Senses

Thanks Unexplained X2 for this idea, kinda fun.
Sight...A TV that is off, a clean livingroom and Valentine's Day decorations.
Taste...Fried Ice Cream flavored ice cream from QD (Quality Dairy) Yum-O, it's so delicious.  I got a pint of it free tonight since I filled up my QD punch card from purchasing milk.
Smell...Irish Springs Body wash from the kids taking a bath. (I love that smell)
Touch...A cool breeze from the fan above me.  I am already cold enough, why is that darn van even on?
Hear...I hear both of the kids downstairs in the bath splashing, laughing and a strange banging sound (Don't worry, Mike is with them). Oh, also I hear the humidifier humming.

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