Saturday, February 19, 2011

My cuddle bugs early, early, early in the morning!

I am wondering when they are going to sleep in, just a tad.  I would love to wake-up one morning and not see a 6 at the beginning of the time on the clock.

They both go to bed in their own bed at night, but at about 6am both kids wonder there way into my bed.  At least they snuggle with eachother...sometimes.

For breakfast I got them both cereal and it was quickly passed up.  Neither of the kids would eat their corn puffs and instead both wanted dippable eggs, which takes a bit more tired mama brain cells at 6:13 in the morning then cereal does.
 I think I have created breakfast snobs!

Good morning all you early risers out there!


  1. I hear ya, my kiddos seem to wake up EARLIER on the weekend despite all of my attempts to explain sleeping in. Someday we will have a hard time getting them out of bed...right??? Have a great Saturday!

  2. My friend Wendy has a 4 and 2 year old and she taught them they have to stay in their rooms until they see a 7 on the clock. The 4 year old is awesome about it and the 2 year old is learning. Coming in to snuggle at 7 would be much nicer. Maybe that would work for you too. Miss you lots! I love seeing photos of the kids almost eery day :) Thanks for keeping the blog. Love you!

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