Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Snowy Day...

This morning, while Daddy was still sleeping (lucky guy), the kids and I made our first Valentine's Day craft together.  I didn't exactly know what craft I was going to do since I was not able to drive (due to the blizzard) to buy any needed supplies, so we had to make do with what we had around the house.  Check out what we made!

First, we used a pencil sharpener to sharpen some "Valentine's Day" color crayons.  We gathered the shavings from pink, purple, white, fuchsia and red then placed them in separate bowls.

Then we laid down a piece of wax paper on the ironing board and sprinkled the crayon shavings on the wax paper. 

Once we had the perfect selection of color, we placed another piece of wax paper on top of the crayon shavings and pressed it down a bit.

Then we placed a hand towel over the wax paper. With a hot iron we started to iron or heat the wax.

 After ironing, we removed the hand towel and discovered that all of the wax from the crayon shavings melted together to create a beautiful piece of art.  BUT we weren't done yet!

After letting the wax cool for a about 5 minutes I drew hearts on the wax paper.

  And Kate cut most of them out herself.

Finally, we taped the hearts on the glass of our door.
(Do you see the Michigan Blizzard?)

Beautiful!  Especially when the sun shines through!

If you have a snow day tomorrow, like we do again, give it try!  


  1. dude, patty...what a great idea!!! i knew i'd learn how to be a good mom by reading your blog! :) thanks for sharing all of your fantastic ideas!

  2. That is seriously cute! I am going to have to make those!

  3. Very clever! And good job, Kate!
    Love and miss you all!
    Grandma Kenna


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