Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's for dinner the day after a blizzard hits?

The official snow fall in our area was 12.2 inches with snow drifts up to 5 feet in some places, that's a good amount of snow, enough to keep us at home for the day.  So what does one cook for dinner when a foot of snow just dropped? 

Grilled burgers of course!

Mike took a shovel to the back porch (with about 21 inches of snow there) and cleared the area around the grill to make burgers. 
Nothing stops my man from grill'n!

 We enjoyed a delicious, to die for, scrumptious dinner, on the grill, in the beginning of February just after a blizzard!  It was the BEST!
I wish we had smellerblog, so you could smell how incredible these babies were.
Ohhhh, I can't wait until summer! 


  1. Way to go! You da man! I've been good eating for a couple of weeks. Time for burgers on the grill.


  2. Yep, we are most DEFIANTLY related!

  3. I can almost smell them. YUM!!


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